General News [[[5.08.06] by LilCube

Added a match. Akira Hokuto vs Shinobu Kandori from Dreamslam I. Brutal, awesome match.

General News [[[5.02.06] by LilCube

Moves added, page 33...that is all.

General News [[[4.03.06] by LilCube

Moves added, page 32...that is all.

General News [[[3.12.06] by LilCube

Finally added a match. It's Kensuke Sasaki vs Jamal in the 2005 Final of the AJPW Champions Carnival. Enjoy bitches!

General News [[[3.01.06] by LilCube

Added 25 moves to page 31. Also after many hours, and tedious work, my moves section has been alphabetized. Haven't decided on a match yet, but there will be one within the week.

General News [[[2.20.06] by LilCube

Just like to publicly thank a person who shall remain nameless cuz he may not want his name out there. After 3 years, I finally got a donation. I don't do this site for the money, as you should know. I don't have annoying popups, or ads anywhere on the site, and I don't openly ask for any kind of monetary payment. I've gotten tons of contributions, be it moves, puroresu themes, or just a thank you here and there. If I didn't enjoy doing it, I wouldn't do it. So to the kind donator, I thank you. I truly appreciate it.

General News [[[2.01.06] by LilCube

Finally! An actual update. 25 moves to Page 30. No clue on when a new match will go up as I'm waaaay behind. Also updated a few days ago. So enjoy fuckers!

General News [[[1.20.06] by LilCube

New update. Laptop's finally fixed and has been shipped back. No clue if the hard drive is intact. If so updates should return within the next week. If not, then 2 weeks, as I'll need to re-rip a ton of moves. I'll update the mp3 section right the day the laptop gets here as I'll just re-rip the Dragon Gate CD at 320kbps. So everybody hope for the best:)

General News [[[10.28.05] by LilCube

Just an update, but my laptop screen went out and the geniuses at alienware support had me take the fuckin' laptop apart and now my hard drive doesn't work. So I may have lost all my moves, matches, mp3's...and porn. Hopefully that's not the case but I won't know 'til I get it back and running. So updates won't come until I know something. If I lose my puroresu themes I'm gonna be so fuckin pissed. Rest is easily replaceable. Anyway, now you know.

Meanwhile, for your move needs there's an equally as good(if not better) site HERE

General News [[[09.04.05] by LilCube

Added 25 moves today, 50 since last updating this. Added a new match. CIMA & Don Fuji & Naruki Doi vs Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi & Dragon Kid. I really will update madsplash with some themes. Have 35 uploaded that's not on the site yet.

General News [[[07.28.05] by LilCube

Added a new match. Little ECW nostalgia. Minor clipping at the beginning but thank commercials and TNN for that. Anyway, the match is Tajiri vs Super Crazy. I miss the Tajiri of old...

I'll have another match up in a week or so.

General News [[[07.15.05] by LilCube

Added 25 moves on page 27. Also added Disc 2 of the NJPW 25th Anniversary Theme CD over at

General News [[[06.13.05] by LilCube

Added 25 more moves, 5 courtesy of liamharvester from the big RoH "Manhattan Madness" show. Uploaded some themes but yet to add them to the site. I will...eventually.

General News [[[06.03.05] by LilCube

Finally updated the moves section. Will add 25 more when time permits. With school out now, I have zero freetime, so I have to update when I can, plus be in the mood, so expect very sporadic updates this summer.

General News [[[05.02.05] by LilCube

2 matches this month in memory of Chris Candido. Old and new. 1st match is Candido vs Lance Storm from ECW and not my capture. Credit to the original uploader and 2nd match is Candido vs Danny Daniels from IWA:MS. Neither technical masterpieces, but both good in their own way. The match with Danny Daniels is just fun stuff. Pure comedy...oh and partial nudity...

Moves might be up today, I've got alot of shit to watch though. Themes will be up...eventually...